World Medical Hospital (WMC), Thailand


Mr. Robert Sawyer and Family




Mr. Robert Sawyer and Family

We moved to Thailand from Penang, Malaysia, in May when already five months pregnant, so were new here and not familiar with Bangkok-area hospitals.We asked friends and colleagues and other expats we met for advice about which hospitals were best.Since we were having twins, we had to choose especially carefully.We looked online in Facebook and other websites where expats comment on their experiences with hospitals in Bangkok.We narrowed our choices down to three that seemed most highly recommended and also close to us in the Pak Kret area, then we went to visit them.At WMC we were given an excellent tour of all facilities including the women's center, the labor & delivery area and the maternity ward.


“The WMC staff were knowledgeable and friendly and could communicate with us in English.The labor & delivery room nurse (Anne) was especially friendly and attentive, making us feel very comfortable.The price of the package was competitive with other hospitals.”


Our impression of WMC was that it offered truly world-class, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, top professional medical staff, and a real customer-service orientation.


“The OB/GYN Dr Tawan and the nursing staff in the Women's Center provided the best of pre-natal care and service.Dr Tawan's "bedside manner" (way of relating with her patient) was extremely attentive, patient, calm and professional.She really listened to and answered our many many questions we had prepared for her each time we came for pre-natal visits.”


Dr Tawan always took extra time with us to explain everything she was doing, including narrating the ultrasounds (also done by her medical colleague once, who was a real pro with the equipment).We did have some complications arise in the third trimester and as a result needed to consult with several of the other specialists at WMC including endocrinology, gastroenterology and hepatology and we were extremely impressed with the level of expertise available at WMC in these very specialized areas.


As is not uncommon in births of multiples, on the doctors’ advice based on the complications that had arisen, we opted for delivery by Caesarean Section two weeks before full term.Dr Tawan’s attentiveness to Diana's symptoms resulted in catching a rare complication that is often missed in other pregnancies we read about online, so it's a real credit to her manner of really listening to her patients and taking seriously what other doctors might dismiss as minor complaints.She researched the condition thoroughly and shared and explained excerpts from medical texts with us, which we really appreciated.


The labor & delivery experience was incredible, again with wonderful pre-surgical care from Nurse Anne in L&D with the introduction of Dr Warisara as the anesthesiologist who was also extremely kind and attentive in explaining thoroughly about the spinal block and other treatments that worked very well to eliminate any pain during surgery and minimize it afterwards.There was a huge team led by Dr Tawan as the surgeon in the OR during the C section including two neonatologists, and we were very happy that the father was allowed to be in the OR and share the experience.Nurse Anne took over 100 photos that day and the next day WMC shared them with us on a DVD.

The neonatal team led by Dr Panutcha as well as the maternity ward nursing staff were also fantastic – with absolute dedication to the welfare of our pre-term newborns, excellent support and specialist lactation expertise in helping us get breastfeeding going.In Neonatal ICU there was constant, close monitoring of our twins’ vital signs including blood sugar and bilirubin levels, and excellent communication with us to explain everything and make us feel part of every decision.

The neonatal nursery facilities and staff at WMC are truly world-class and the maternity ward and private suites are first class.Overall, the standard of medical care and degree of compassion and caring on the part of all WMC staff was superb.Even WMC's medical director, Prof Dr Piya personally came to see us and make sure all was well with our twins.We would like to thank WMC and all those who have taken care of us and our twins for a wonderful experience!