Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service

Emergency Center - Patient Transport

Mobile ICU/CCU Service

World Medical Hospital provides critical patient care and transportation services.
Elderly individuals and those unable to assist themselves are on standby to receive emergency notifications
24 hours a day, supported by experienced medical teams and professional nurses trained in emergency care and equipped with complete medical equipment that meets standards for cleanliness and safety, ensuring efficiency equivalent to that of a mobile ICU/CCU for continuous patient care.

Services and Treatment

  • Emergency ambulance service for transporting critically ill patients
  • Ambulance service for patient transportation, pick-up, and drop-off for scheduled medical appointments
  • Ambulance service for patient transportation to other medical facilities
  • Ambulance service for patient transportation back home, whether within Bangkok, to other provinces, or internationally
  • Standby ambulance service for various events such as concerts, sports events, and more
  • Nursing procedures performed by professional nursing teams.

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